2017 Artisan Program Registration Now Open

Artisan Program: January 2nd, 2017 to March 10th, 2017  April 3rd, 2017 to June 9th, 2017, October 10th, 2017 to December 15th, 2017.

Maker Program: January 2nd, 2017 to March 10th, 2017.

Designer Program: April 3rd, 2017 to June 9th, 2017.

New in the Tool Emporium

New in the Hand Tool Emporium!





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Saw Bench Kits Now Available!

Pre-Dimensioned and ready for joinery and final smoothing.

Available in assorted local hardwoods:

Ash $145

Maple $145

Walnut $170

Bird's Eye Maple: $185

The Kerfing Plane & Frame Saw

December 6, 2016

UW Artisan Program – November 2016   It’s a wonderful thing really- making your own hand tools and then using those tools to build fine furniture. That’s what the Residents in our 10 Week Artisan Program are doing and we thought it would be nice to share some highlights with you. This video shows some […]

Make the Time

December 5, 2016

MONDAY MUNDANE   Don’t find the time to do good work… You find a penny on the ground. You find a new micro brew and try it at the weekly social. You find a lost sock behind a dresser drawer. You find a better price for your favourite item at the grocery store.   If you really […]

What I Choose to Become

November 21, 2016

Monday Mundane   “I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.”                                              Don’t be random and leave things to chance. Don’t sit around and wait for good things […]

Artisan Interviews – Fall 2016

November 10, 2016

  This past Monday, the 7th of November, 2016, Justin and I had to leave the shop for a couple of hours to pick-up an order of lumber from our local wood supplier. While we were away, David, one of the Residents in our Artisan Program, interviewed the other residents and asked them to share […]

UW Artisan Program 2017

November 8, 2016

“Life is a story and we’re all writing our own chapters, what will you decide to say?”   I’m happy to announce our 2017 Programs are now open for your enrollment consideration. Space is limited, so don’t miss out on this opportunity! We’re into week five of our first semester and already taking enrollment for the […]

The Hand Tool Emporium

November 5, 2016

  It’s November already? When did that happen! Before we know it, the Holidays will be upon us and then we’ll be well on our way into 2017…my how time can fly! I’m excited to say we now have our tool partners pages loaded into the UW Store. If you’re in the market for some fine […]

Wooden Plane Week

November 4, 2016

The UW Artisan Program Here’s a new video shot and edited by Justin Starr. During week two of our 10 week Artisan Program, the residents made two hand planes; a Jack, and a Round Bottom plane for shaping the coopered doors they’re making. Using Hock plane irons, quarter-sawn Sipo for the bodies, and brass accents, […]


October 31, 2016

Resident Jornal   Wisdom in Unusual Places By David Bank Oct 30     This week was focused on building shop accessories.  I don’t think the goal was only to build the items, but to build some skills involved in their making.  The first project was the shop bents.  These are basically saw horses.  The […]

Week Two – Artisan Program

October 24, 2016

Resident Journal     WEEK TWO By David Bank Oct 23 Things are in full swing for me now.  Last weekend was busy with a Saturday in the shop and a Sunday in downtown Toronto.  I met Justin from the shop with his wife Andrea who had just completed a half marathon on a humid, […]

Standing Tool Cabinet – Episode 6

October 21, 2016

THE STANDING TOOL CABINET BUILD – EPISODE 6 BY JUSTIN STARR Hey Everyone, In final episode of part 1, I finish off the platform and apply some finish off camera. I used an ebonizing mixture to stain the 2 stretchers. It turned out well as I wasn’t looking for a solid black finish. You can still […]


Life is a story, and we're all writing our own chapters, what will you decide to say?"

From The Unplugged Woodshop book. Tom Fidgen, 2013

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Episode 245 – Wedges, Tenons & Hot Glue

By tom | December 11, 2016

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Episode 244 – PreFinish & Resawing?

By tom | December 9, 2016

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Episode 243 – Final Shaping

By tom | December 8, 2016

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Episode 242 – Step Stool Continues

By tom | December 7, 2016

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