Month: March 2008

Shaker Style Lap Desk

This is a small project I made this past winter. A gift for my wife, a school teacher who always sits with a pile of books and papers on her lap, it proved to be a pretty useful gift. Although it looks like a simple enough project, the joinery quickly became a lesson in cutting dovetails by hand. The piece is a Shaker design I modified slightly in overall dimension. This version seemed to actually fit on my lap better and the angle of the top was adjusted as well. I used Black Walnut for the piece, the main...

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Treasures From the Far East

Being a user, collector and lover of hand planes I’m always keeping my eye out for rare or unusual styles. When recently surfing around the Japan Woodworker Online Catalogue I discovered some wooden bodied, Hollows and Rounds that are being manufactured in China. China? I thought…Why not, every thing else is made there so I decided to take a closer look. I’ve always wanted a nice old set of hollows and rounds; I’ve searched e-Bay, online and local antique tool dealers but always found that most you come across are over priced old planes that you’ll need to spend...

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In the Eyes of the Beholder

  “A perfectly executed, hand cut dovetail joint…” Oh yeah? It seems lately when I open up woodworking magazines or watch woodworking video clips everybody is talking about their perfect way to cut dovetails. Half-blinds and hounds tooth, better saws and better jigs. Doesn’t matter if you use a hand saw, band saw or even some cross-cutting sled on your table saw, all you’re going to hear is: “the perfect joint”, “the best way to cut this or make that” perhaps even a “better way” in some one’s eyes. What is perfection but some un-achievable measure of proficiency, skill,...

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