Month: May 2008

Little Wings

Now that the headboard is complete other than I have to still apply a finish; I move on to the inlaid butterfly keys at the bottom of the bed. These will be both structural and visual in design. I’ll start off by making a full size template out of some scrap press board and try it in place. Stand back and have a look; try the other side, walk around…cover all of the angles until you’re happy with the size and the placement of the key template. I’ll then take a fine file and go over all of the...

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Attaching Walnut Headboard

  In my last post I showed the procedure of cutting a half-lap dovetail into the top rail of the headboard. Now I’ll demonstrate how using similar techniques I’ll attach the rail to the top of the headboard for a joint that is strong, easy to make and a reliable connection. To start I’ll disassemble the dry-fit half lap joint and using my marking gauge, mark the center on the width of each up-right. A nice deep cut down each side and across the bottom will give me a clean edge to reference my saw blade to. You can...

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Platform Bed in Walnut

The head board is a vital component to the over-all design of the Platform Bed I’m in the middle of building. Visually and aesthetically, the top of the head board can make a good design great, or a mediocre design poor. I chose to show-off some joinery here in the form of a half lap dovetail that will join the uprights to the top rail. The wood is Black Walnut. The two uprights are finished at 4′ wide by a heavy 7/8″ thick. They’ll be joined to the head board rail which is also 7/8″ in thickness by 5...

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Two Krenovs

A while back I went to visit the shop of a good friend of mine and fellow wood-worker, Mike Morrison. In my hand I held one of my prized possessions, my James Krenov Smoothing plane. I had purchased it a year or two ago, the day after I read that Mr. Krenov was no longer making cabinets but selling his hand planes. You can search my Archive section for the full story. Sometime last year, I was telling my friend Mike the whole Krenov story and he too decided to order a hand plane from the cabinetmaking Guru. One...

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Thinking Outside of the, half-blind, houndstooth, imported, spalted hardwood totin’, Dovetailed Box

Penicillin, gravity, marsh-mellows…..all kind of ‘just happened’ didn’t they? Walking down a straight path leading you to some bright and shiny, safe haven ahead; great. No worries, perfect. A classic you might say… Working wood, I sometimes fall into this fuzzy place as I’m sure most of us do. A happy and familiar area of the waiting room where we do things a certain way. “Well, we’ve been doing it this way for years…right?” Wrong. Working along side, how shall I say, a ‘well seasoned’ gentleman a few years back and watched in disbelief as he butchered or maimed...

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