Month: October 2008

Shooting Down the Planes

Sometimes I’ll meet fellow woodworkers who don’t yet utilise a shooting board in their workshop arsenal. In my mind I think that they don’t fully understand how much this simple appliance can help hand tool users accurately perform tasks in woodworking. This article is not about the shooting board as much as it’s about my personal journey through the stages of shooting board hand planes. Let’s begin… A few years back I made myself my first shooting board, at the time I had a nice old Stanley #5 Jack plane; it’s 14″ long and at just under 5 lbs...

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Sanding Planes

This is a shot of a few ‘sanding planes’ I made over the past year. They’re a great shop made tool that puts a little pleasure into the dreaded task of sanding. I’ll do all I can to leave these things sitting on my shelf; smoothing plane, card scrapers etc…but when all else fails and you need to turn to sanding, these can be a pleasure to use. Dress ’em up to suit your needs and away you go! For a more detailed description of how I made my sanding planes you can check out the current issue of...

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Veritas® Surface Clamp

Every once and awhile a new tool comes along and once you have it and use it you ask yourself Enter the Veritas® Surface Clamp. I’ve been meaning to write a short post about it for awhile now but have been so busy as of late I simply forgot. I’ve been using it for the past three to four months and can say it’s probably the friendliest, most useful work bench aid/jig I’ve ever owned. Anywhere you can drill a 3/4″ hole you can use this clamp. I’ve always struggled with holding work to the front apron of my...

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