Month: December 2008

Techno Ya-Ya!

What more can be said. I recently shipped off four old ‘beaters’ to Mark Harrell of There Mark will clean, sharpen and over-haul any old hand saw you may have. The four I sent were your typical garage sale variety, old worn-out, dull and bent.With,in some cases, 50 years of rust and dirt caked on. Mark was very quick and professional to get back to me with a diagnostic of the issues needing to be addressed and a quote to cover the repairs. Another fast turn around and here they are back in my hands. I can’t believe...

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Progress Report

Things are moving along quickly these past few weeks, projects are coming together, designs are being discovered, adapted and constructed…work is good. The made by hand inspiration is becoming a reality. The sideboard I designed back in September is finally being delivered this week. My clients will hopefully be as excited and delighted with the finished piece as I am. ‘A hand made-modern, mixed medium-urban sideboard’…there Google that! The carcass is Walnut from a local wood mill and supplier, the glass shelves and door panels were cut by a great little glass store just North of the Danforth on...

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Working wood…lots of it!

Well it’s been an incredibly busy few months since the summer came and went. A few custom pieces of furniture designed and commissioned. The bulk of my time though has been spent on my book. Writing, designing, constructing its been an incredible journey thus far. I should apologise to my frequent readers for not keeping things up to date here. I’m usually good for a new blog every few days but lately it seems there aren’t enough hours in the day. That said, I’m finally into the ‘project’ chapters and am very excited with the turn-out thus far. My...

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