Month: March 2009

Beebe Knives

I’ve been using a Beebe carving knife to mark out my dovetails quite successfully for the past few years now. The knives are hand made by Canadian knife maker Paul Beebe and sold through Lee Valley Tools. I’ve seen and read enough articles and information on marking knives, their uses, the pros and cons of each and what to look for when purchasing one. The one pictured here is sold as a ‘carving knife’ but I’ve been using it to mark out my dovetails. They have a nice narrow blade making it quite easy to reach in between the...

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Resurrecting ~Jack~

One cold evening, this past November I was taking a break from writing; surfing around the web, from E-Bay to Kijiji through Craig’s List and the like. I stumbled over an add that simply read ‘Old Tools’. I clicked on the add and viewed the pictures; nothing out of the ordinary, a few old hand saws, a couple of wooden planes and then the usual bottom of the tool box items such as auger bits, broken hammers a screwdriver or two… I noticed as well in the photo a decent looking wooden bodied plough plane and decided to e-mail...

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