Month: April 2009

Continuing Education

This past week I’ve been watching some new DVD’s I recently ordered from Lie Nielsen Toolworks. I’d like to share some thoughts specifically on Don McConnell’s Traditional Molding Techniques: The Basics If you’ve ever wanted to replicate an heirloom molding perhaps from an antique furniture piece or architectural application, or better yet adding a custom profile to one of your own original designs by way of dedicated hand planes; this production is an absolute must see. Beautifully filmed at Lie Nielsen Toolworks in Warren, Maine, this instructional DVD offers an incredibly informative lesson in molding making techniques. As far...

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Sawing out the Waste

This post was inspired by Chris Schwarz’ blog this morning dealing with the plus and minus’ of using a Fret saw or a Coping saw for removing the waste between dovetails. I too have struggled with the thicker blade of the coping saw and the seemingly less than ideal Fret saw market that exists; I have yet to find one I’ve enjoyed using… ‘All you saw makers out there better get your gear on! ‘ Now that said I’ve been using my bow saw for the past few months and will probably never go back to the shorter throw...

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Shaping Wood

This past week I’ve been working on a bench that is destined for my dining room on one long side of the trestle table I built last year. The lawn furniture my kids have been sitting on up until this point has been re-possessed…hee-hee; you think I’m kidding… I’m using reclaimed Angelique for the main bench carcass and frames with some Mahogany off cuts for the top cross slats and hand rails. After spending my winter building cabinets, frame work and square straight surfaces, the arms on this bench offered a nice change of pace for me. Nothing straight,...

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More on Shop Made Tools

In my last post I featured the new Large Spokeshave from Veritas tools here in Canada. The fact that I had an idea for a tool very similar in design to this makes me pleased that a company like Veritas is now manufacturing it. It’s on my short list of tools to buy. Thinking on this shop made tool line I decided to look back through my shop notebooks over the past two years and found about a dozen different design ideas I’ve come up with. Nothing in there that’ll solve Global Warming; who am I kidding, it wouldn’t...

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From Tool to Toolbox

Have you ever been working on a project and wished you had a certain tool to make your job easier or more efficient? More specifically a tool you already know does not yet exist? The ‘inventor’ side of most wood workers I know have this happen to them all of the time; some wish they had a certain hand tool while others take the lead and go about building their own. I like you am no different and have designed and invented new and wonderful tool ideas here in my shop~ at least on paper that is…I’m really going...

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