Month: May 2009

Spring Cleaning

After a long winter of work shop projects and now coming to the end of a wet Spring here in Southern Ontario it’s time to do a little ‘spring cleaning’ around the wood shop. I’ve been putting this off for far too long and before I start my next project, I promised myself to spend some time and fine tune the work space. My workbench being the heart of the wood shop I’ll be starting there. I resurfaced it last year when we made the move from the East coast up here to Toronto but the heavy winter work...

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Bad Axe

A teaser for all of the Galoots out there patiently waiting for the Bad Axe Tool Works hand saws to become available…we’re getting closer! Stay...

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Inner City Lumber Jacks

This past Sunday I spent the morning with my friend Douglas, limbing an old Mountain Ash tree in his yard here in Toronto. We basically climbed the trunk like a pair of spider monkeys and with a Japanese style, Ryoba saw and some line made quick work of removing the limbs. Some of these were up to 6″ in diameter and about 12′ to 16′ long so a couple of more friends were on hand with a little electric chainsaw, a few ‘cold drinks’ and some determination. All that was left was the trunk to deal with and we...

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Sam Maloof

Where do we find inspiration ? Is it the calming curve of walnut-rocking or the smile on the face behind the hands creating… An inspiration to all not only working wood; but to all that work and live....

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Planes in the Mail

Just got another update from Phil Edwards regarding my hollows and rounds…they’re complete and should be in my grubby little hands by the end of next week. I love it when manufacturers give updates of their work while it’s being done, it makes parting with my hard earned cash that much easier! Phil has been extremely professional and a pleasure doing business with; if his planes are half as good as his customer service then I’ll be a happy woodworker. I’ll let you know when they arrive....

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