Month: September 2009

Updates and Appreciation

  I want to start off with a big THANK YOU to everybody that has pre-ordered a copy of Made by Hand:Furniture Projects from the Unplugged Woodshop; the response and positive feedback has really made my week and I wanted to say again how much I appreciate the support. :) That said, I’ve been feeling like a bag of s**t for the past five days! Been battling a flu bug all week so the door production has been pretty slow. I did manage to get a good bit of the window mouldings completed yesterday and today. I must be...

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A first look Inside Made by Hand:

The following images are excerpts from my new book. The introduction as well as a sneak peak at three of the six ‘furniture project chapters’. The book also features five more plans for workbench appliances; a shooting board, bench hook, miter hook, winding sticks and Krenov inspired saw horses. Take a look inside and see what you think. You’ll also get a free DVD that will walk you through all of the hand tools I used in these projects; from Lie Nielsen to Lee Valley we’ll take a close look at the more popular manufacturers on the market today...

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I’m saddened to write that James Krenov passed away this week at the age of 88. “When we discover what wonderful things our eyes and hands are as they seek fine lines and use sharp tools, when we listen to wood and not just use it, then cabinetmaking can take on a new meaning.” JK Almost six years ago I quite literally stumbled over a small pile of books in a Halifax library. Looking down I noticed one of them had some furniture shots on it so I picked up the hardcover book and read the title: The Fine...

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Wood Moves

Two years ago I built a trestle table for our home and I incorporated bread board ends into the design. When building with bread board ends it’s vital for the main cross grain surface to be able to expand and contract, moving freely within the bread boards. Last February I posted a blog showing how the main surface had shrank in it’s width by 1/4″! (you can see that original post here: At that time I mentioned that my hopes were the table would expand back to its normal size and the bread boards would keep everything nice...

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Unplugged Summer Part Four (and final)

   The stock for the feet is cut and planned flat, I left them slightly long so I would have the option of trimming back later. The stock is also left square until I chop the mortises and on this day, is where I began …                   Because the legs are quite thin on this little project and the tenons are sort of long and skinny, I decide to use my brace and bit to remove the bulk of the material before turning over to my mortise chisels. The brace is...

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