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December 2009

A Dedicated Sharpening Bench – part 7

surface glue up

In the last post I finished off the cut out for the granite plate insert and I’m ready to start the glue-up. One last detail I took care of before beginning to glue the frame was to plane some rabbets into the lower cross stretchers….


A Dedicated Sharpening Bench – part 6

under carriage complete

With the frame assembly dry fit and the bench surface placed into the leg joinery, I carefully place the granite insert on top to establish its permanent location. My initial thoughts were to install it off to one side but after laying it on the…


A Dedicated Sharpening Bench – part 5

mortise chop 7

In my last post I finished the leg to bench surface joinery and can now get into the rest of the mortise and tenon joinery to complete the frame work. As mentioned, the stock is 1 1/2″ square so I’m making 1/2″ tenons and mortises….


A Dedicated Sharpening Bench – part 4

bench 1

I mentioned in the first post that I’m using some ‘off the shelf’ hardwood for the bench frame; this was great for my budget but not ideal for my hand tools. Because it was ‘dimensioned’ at the mill (and I use that term very loosely)…