Month: January 2010

Modern Living

The next two pieces I’m building are indeed a stretch outside the norm of what I’ve been doing these past two years here in the wood shop. The first piece is a fold away bed with side table and the folding bed hardware dictates that plywood be used for the carcass construction. The folding mechanism works with a pair of pistons that raise and lower the bed so if solid wood was used there would be the potential of wood movement issues and the pistons getting pushed or pulled slightly out of line. This in turn would cause the entire...

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The Unplugged is finally a reality. After blogging my way through the last three years on Working Wood, ( I’m extremely pleased to welcome you to my new web site and sincerely hope you enjoy it.

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New Offerings from Bad Axe

Bad Axe Tool Works– what more can I say? Simply put I find them to be the finest hand saws on the market today. I own an 18″ rip saw and a 16″ cross cut that you know if you’re a regular here I use on a daily basis. I think they’re incredible tools with the highest craftsman ship available but can understand why some beginners may have shyed away from them. Lets face it- these are big saws! For anyone looking for a smaller scale back saw or for someone who couldn’t imagine working with the larger scale...

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Turning Wood

Of all the skills associated with woodworking and furniture making, there is an argument to be made that woodturning is among the most intuitive and, many would say, the most immediately satisfying

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