Month: February 2010

Made by Hand- Available at…

Every week I get an email or two from people asking me where they can purchase Made by Hand-Furniture Projects from the Unplugged Woodshop other than here on my web site. Not everyone enjoys or trusts using Pay-pal and would rather

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Quick Pics

Well it’s been another busy week but I wanted to share a few pics around the shop. As mentioned in the last post, the dining room has become the assembly area and my trestle table a make shift workbench. Back down stairs on the regular workbench I’m finally shaping some beautiful cherry and hand planing lots of curly maple. The maple is for the table top and will be laminated strips. To edge plane the incredible figure I had to use my bevel up jointing plane with a 53 degree bevel on the iron and  my low angle smoothing...

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Fine Plywood Dining

Dining Room?

“Hey Hon- what’s for diner ?”

‘Plywood sandwiches’ crosses my mind but my throat doesn’t summon the words. It’s a surreal feeling working through the big build these past two weeks- from paper to plywood…

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Sharpening a Card Scraper

In my last post I showed you how I apply a solid wood edge treatment to plywood panels. This is something I don’t do very much of and in a perfect world I’d be using solid materials in every project but sometimes design can dictate the materials needed and in this case the plywood is a necessity. I think the success you’ll have with the techniques described are those final few passes with a card scraper bringing everything together flush. Its these last few passes that can either tear away those precious veneers, uncovering a cross grain layer underneath and making for a less than...

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