Month: September 2010

Shop clean-up and Mouldings

  I was working on the heritage door the end of last week, the inside mouldings to be more specific. I was planning on getting into the final front window surrounds over the weekend but things didn’t pan out that way due to the fact that my client is actually busier than I am! I should back track and mention that my writing book, the graph paper scribbler I use for all of my wood notes, including all of my templates for the moulding profiles I had made earlier this spring, was left behind in Cape Breton this summer....

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Mouldings and Miters

  I had a pretty productive weekend here in the wood shop. I managed to get all of the main door panel mouldings made as well as mitering them for a dry fit. I also picked up the glass for the opening and was happy to find it perfectly fit the recess I had made. The mouldings came first and that’s where I’ll begin… The first thing I needed to consider when starting the mouldings is that the panels are not centered within the doors thickness; they’re slightly set proud to the front for some reason (if I had...

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Door Update

  These last few days I’ve been busy with the door project; with the main frame essentially complete I focused on the four door panels. These are solid Oak about 1 1/8″ thick and needed to be rabbeted on all four sides to slide into the 1/2″ door dados. The dados were cut about 1/4″ deeper than needed to allow the panels to expand and contract as all solid wood will do over time. A straight forward procedure that first establishes the width and depth of the panel rabbets with my marking gauge and then starting the cut with...

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Heritage Door Update

The door build is getting back holding its pace and things are coming along as planed. For anyone following this project (Dan!) I should apologise for not updating sooner…wanted to get some of the other project down first. I left the door frame seven weeks ago with the tenons sawn and mortises chopped, nothing was fit, no haunches or shoulders cut or dressed…this is what still needed to be done to complete the main frame and get on with the panels. This is where I started to get back into the Oak. A frequent reader commented on the amount...

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