Month: November 2010

The devil in the details

few months back I wrote a review for Canadian Woodworking Magazine on some low-angle block planes. One of the planes was the new Veritas DX 60, I had been using it for a few weeks at the time of the article and I think I might have made a comment that it wasn’t the most comfortable plane in the lot but excelled everywhere else I could see.

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Ripsaw Revelation

Hey Tom,

This last summer (of 2010), I purchased your book “Made By Hand”, and found it to be quite inspirational. You see, I had just begun a cabinet-making and joinery apprenticeship through a technical trade school. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at school, but as I entered the field, I found there to be a prejudice against working wood by hand. If there was some form of…

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The New 140 Plane

I received a letter from Robert Troup and wanted to share it with you.

In these days of hand tool revolution with all of the high end, boutique products on the market it was refreshing to see this kind of ingenuity.

Thanks again Robert.


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Handtools and Inspiration

I received the following letter from Ashley Leedman this morning and felt I should share it here and let you see the beautiful table he built using only hand tools.

A great job Ashley and thanks for the letter.

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The New Bad Axe Dovetail Saw

Bad Axe Tool Works in La Crosse, Wisconsin makes some of the finest back saws on the market today and I’m very pleased to introduce the latest offering. A 12″ dovetail saw; yup that’s right, I said a twelve-inch dovetail saw. Some may prefer to call this a small tenon saw but in my shop it’ll be a dovetail saw. With a 12″ saw plate .02 thick and filed at 14tpi, it’s a great saw that’s thin enough for precise dovetail work but stout enough for thicker stock applications. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve needed to...

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