Month: May 2011


NEW FROM LEE VALLEY TOOLS Do you keep a 6″ inch metal rule close at hand while in the wood shop? I do, every minute. There’s one in my tool tray, one in my apron pocket, another one over on the sharpening bench for the Charlesworth ‘Ruler Trick’.  Point is I have more than one and I keep them handy for all sorts of quick little measurements and the like. This week I started using the new Veritas Precision Square and I think it’s my new favorite steel rule. ( er, square..) It is milled with the same accuracy...

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THE Dovetail Saw

If you’ve been reading my blog here you already know the Bad Axe dovetail saws have been in the works for the past year or so and it’s no secret Mark Harrell and I have been fans of each others work for a few years now. If you click through the ‘Hand Saws’ tab over there in the sidebar you’ll find…

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To the Teeth…

This week I’m shipping saws and receiving saws, some for review and some for wood class work and student aids. I’ve been teaching sawing techniques this week and last, ( thanks again Dave ), reading about saw design through history and into more recent years, speaking at lengths on saw design with actual hand tool manufacturers and if that wasn’t enough I’m working out details on some new hand sawing ‘items‘... ( more on that over the summer ) You could say I’m up ‘to the teeth’ and enjoying every minute of it. The shipping portion of my week...

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In Stages


I was wondering what sharpening kit you use? I have the shapton glass-ceramic stones and although I love them I have gone through two of the 1000 grit stones in the last few years. Do you use or know anyone that use the professional shaptons?

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‘Arts Weeks’ in England

Hi Tom,
I’ll be fascinated to see how all your shop changes materialise in time, new bench and tools etc, good to hear.
On my own front I’ve been making a few visits in the Cotswold hills and villages to a selection of furniture makers, one particular being Waywood Furniture…

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