Month: August 2011

Hand Made Modern- The Gorman Bench Final

In my last post I finished bending the arms and the main double  tenon joinery complete on the cherry bench. The good thing about this design is that there is really only 6 major joinery ‘intersections’ on the entire piece and the double tenon method worked great for what I needed. The bad thing was every joint on this bench is a compound miter! Patience, patience. The arm to leg assembly not only splays outwards to add an inviting out-stretched arm feel but they also spread towards the front of the bench making the seating area a welcoming trapezoid...

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The Gorman Bench

Now where was I ? oh yeah, Cape Breton Island. Summer time. ‘The Gorman Commission’ Sounds impressive no? ; ) It’s a bench in cherry I made during my so called summer ‘vacation‘. Inspired by an authentic Danish made, mid-modern rocking chair. The two pieces will share a space in my clients living room so they had to be able to sit well together. The first photograph shows my ‘final’ sketch after 37 previous drawings and design considerations. ( yes, I counted )   The parts can now easily be measured and manufactured with confidence working from my diagram....

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Mid-Summers Update

August already. Sorry for the delay in posts. I’ve been happily  ‘out of range’ for the past 4 weeks and trying my best to squeeze in a few days vacation. Summer time 2011. I brought the Queens Wharf project along with me from Toronto figuring I’d have lots of free time to work on it out here in the shop. I also thought I’d have some time to continue developing some of the new hand tool designs I’d been working on as well…wouldn’t you know it? ; ) Once we arrived in Nova Scotia I was commissioned to build...

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