Month: January 2013

A Cabinetmaker’s Toolchest part three

Here’s the third installment to the Cabinetmaker’s Toolchest series- dadoes, rabbets and grooves. This video begins with the long tenon on the rear carcase panel being cut with a skew rabbet plane. A great tool for this type of joinery. I find I use the skew rabbet to remove the bulk of the material and then switch over to my large shoulder plane to creep up on my scribe lines. From there the bottom panel grooves are made using my plow plane and then the inside channel for the roto hinged lid is executed with a chisel and Router...

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A Makers Mark

I just received the new custom stamp I ordered from Infinity Stamps Inc. and extremely pleased with the results. Seeing as I’m going to start offering products for sale here at the UW, I figured I’d better get something to leave a mark. This one is for wood and leather and as you can see, it does a fantastic job. The stamp is made from hard tool steel and is heavy and finely machined. Infinity offers custom options and a variety of sizes and styles. A great way to ‘sign’ your work or maybe just to personalize your hand...

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A Cabinetmaker’s Toolchest part two

Continuing along with the toolchest build, this video shows the process of cutting the through dovetails for the carcase front and sides. I begin with the ‘140 trick’, a technique where a small shoulder is cut into the back of the tail board before the dovetails are laid out. This small shoulder makes transferring the tails onto the pin board much easier and more effective. You’ll notice I used a sliding bevel gauge to mark out the dovetails instead of a dedicated dovetail marker. This is because I wanted a dovetail splay somewhere between a 1:6 and 1:7 angle....

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In Good Company

Hey folks- I just found out that the Unplugged Woodshop, along with some other well known wood working blogs, is on the top 101 Handy Sites for Conscientious Wood Use. Nice to be noticed and in such good company. “Our readers have vested interests in protecting forest resources and making sure we can continue to use them in the future. We hope this list of sites related to conscientious wood use will help them broaden their perspectives on appropriate and sustainable management and growth of trees for a variety of purposes.”   You can view the complete list and...

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A Cabinetmaker’s Toolchest part one

I was recently asked by a gentleman in the USA if I would build him a toolchest- more specifically, a ‘cabinetmaker’s toolchest’. If you know my first book, ‘Made by Hand- Furniture Projects from the Unplugged Woodshop‘ you’ll remember that this is the first project from it. I’m excited to revisit the design and pleased to share this first video with you. This version of the tool chest will be made with some cherry I’ve had in my shop for a few years. I’ve been waiting for the right project to use it on and this fit the bill...

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