Month: February 2013

A Cabinetmaker’s Toolchest part seven

In this clip, the seventh of the cabinetmaker’s toolchest project,  I begin smoothing the interior of the carcase panels in preparation of finish and glue. I’m using my James Krenov smoothing plane for this job. He made this plane for me back in 2006 and it’s still one of my most prized possessions. I’m frequently asked about this plane -just when and where I use it. Having a number of choices when it comes to which plane to use where, I tend to keep this one for this exact job- the final smoothing before finish and glue. I say...

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A Cabinetmaker’s Toolchest part six

In this sixth installment of the toolchest build I finish off the till. The till nestles in the top of the toolchest and is the place to store lay out tools, chisels and a small mallet. The till is a dovetailed box with two dowels sandwiched between the side walls to serve as handles. This makes picking up the till easier when it’s in the chest. For this version, I thought I’d elevate the design a little and cover the bottom panel with a high quality leather. This will add an aesthetic embellishment to the till but also help...

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A Cabinetmaker’s Toolchest part five

Back again with another installment of the Cabinetmaker’s Toolchest project. Sorry for the delay, but I haven’t had a lot of time in the shop this month other than wood working classes. The till for the toolchest is a dovetailed box using through dovetails. The problem when using through dovetail joinery is you’re left with the drawer bottom grooves showing in the ends of the tail boards unless you stop the grooves before exiting.  Stopped grooves can be time consuming so I get around this problem by using a little trick I first saw Roy Underhill use in one...

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February Update

Hey folks- well here we are, already well into February and these past two weeks have left me little time in the wood shop other than teaching wood working classes. Between snow storms, family activities and other commitments, I really haven’t had much time to get into the shop.  This past Saturday, my student brought along his Lie Nielsen No. 8, jointing plane. This is the first time I’ve  used this model and I was completely blown away by it. The sheer weight and mass of the tool ( 10 lbs) is pretty incredible and flattening a piece of...

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A Cabinetmaker’s Toolchest part four

I thought I’d start the week with another installment of the Cabinetmaker’s Toolchest.  I decided to slow the pace a little and feature some of the basics in this next video. Making the lid is pretty much like it sounds. The lid is made from a single piece of solid cherry that is dimensioned and sized using hand tools. (of course) As you watch the clip, you’ll notice some movement in my work bench during a few shots. The floor in the basement shop is far from flat so when I work across the grain it sometimes pushes the...

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