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A Blast from the Past

The new newsletter from Lee Valley Tools is now available and for me it was a nice surprise…

The trestle table you may remember seeing buried under the heavy oak timbers while I worked my way through the  exterior heritage door project last year or perhaps from the ‘habinet’ that is currently being assembled and detailed on top of this mahogany monolith and the solid wooden slab where I’m sitting now as I write this post- our dining room table…a trestle style table I built before we moved to the city from Cape Breton. I submitted this article two years ago to Lee Valley and it has finally found its way to the page (so to speak).

It’s funny for me to read it today with all of the power tools at my disposal in the sun drenched warmth and space of my boat shop; drill press and router, thickness planer and table saw-do I miss them?

Not very often- but sometimes it sure would be nice to have some of that space again….

You can read the entire article here:   Lee Valley Newsletter



  1. Posted by Lorne Perrry on Mar 24th, 2010

    Where can I get the plans for the trestle table

  2. Posted by Tom Fidgen on Mar 25th, 2010

    unfortunately there aren’t any plans for this table- it became a mix of some elements I like from different trestle table plans and the final table top dimensions were dictated by the pieces of lumber I had for it.
    Woodworking Magazine published a nice plan for a trestle table a few years back-
    one thing about the design is the joinery is kind of a given with the over all dimensions and details being an area you can add your own two cents-

    all the best.


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