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Here’s the third installment to the Cabinetmaker’s Toolchest series- dadoes, rabbets and grooves.

Interior Grooves

Interior Grooves

This video begins with the long tenon on the rear carcase panel being cut with a skew rabbet plane. A great tool for this type of joinery. I find I use the skew rabbet to remove the bulk of the material and then switch over to my large shoulder plane to creep up on my scribe lines. From there the bottom panel grooves are made using my plow plane and then the inside channel for the roto hinged lid is executed with a chisel and Router plane.

You’ll notice that after I scribe my lines I use a chisel to cut small notches along the lines. This prevents damaging the edges until the groove is complete.

A dry fit will finish it off and from here it’ll be some lid work and the interior till.

That’s next time.





Here are some links to a few of the products used in this video:

Skew Rabbet Plane

Large Shoulder Plane

Veritas Router Plane

Japanese Bevel-Edge Chisels