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DSCN3296Continuing along with the toolchest build, this video shows the process of cutting the through dovetails for the carcase front and sides.

I begin with the ‘140 trick’, a technique where a small shoulder is cut into the back of the tail board before the dovetails are laid out. This small shoulder makes transferring the tails onto the pin board much easier and more effective.

You’ll notice I used a sliding bevel gauge to mark out the dovetails instead of a dedicated dovetail marker. This is because I wanted a dovetail splay somewhere between a 1:6 and 1:7 angle. My dovetail marker is set for either of those two angles and sometimes, for the aesthetic of the design, I prefer a dovetail angle that falls somewhere between the two. The sliding bevel gauge makes this easy to accomplish and lay out.

From there it’s over to my favorite 12-in. dovetail saw from Bad Axe Tool Works. I prefer the longer plate on this saw for 90% of my dovetail work.  The waste is removed with a fret saw and the base lines are refined with a chisel.

I maintained the same dovetail layout as is on my original tool chest with two groups of three tails and skipping the center. This is a pattern I enjoy using and find it gives the chest a bit of flair.

Until next time- enjoy!


Here are some links to a few of the products used in this video:

Veritas Skew Block Plane

Veritas Sliding Bevel Gauge

Lee Valley Dividers

Veritas Bench Chisels

Veritas Cabinetmaker’s Mallet