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A Helping Hand

SHOP MADE TOOLS   Hey folks! Here's a quick episode for a simple yet effective, shop made tool I decided to build today. This video will be shared on my YouTube channel in a few days, but I wanted to share it with you first. In the next episode, I'll tell you why I made it, give you a few insights and ideas about the design,  and why I needed to dress the back of this vintage chisel in the first place. If you'd like to make your own Helping . . . To view the remaining content please...

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A Sawyer’s Bench in Michigan

READERS PROJECT I received a message from Nancy in Michigan last week and wanted to share it with you. Nancy recently completed her Sawyer’s Bench, using one of our UW Saw Bench Kits and following plans from my book, The Unplugged Woodshop. The saw bench looks amazing Nancy! Thanks again for sharing this with us~   Hi Tom, Here is my bench ( from the wood kit) completed. It was a great hand tool project. I learned a lot! Thanks very much, Nancy Ann Arbor,...

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Episode 462 – March Questions & Answers

  Hey folks! Here's a quick update episode to say that I'm still waiting to hear back from the mill, and I wanted to give you a look at the finished sharpening stone box. We'll also answer questions from Cas and Richard about "Jack" saws and Kerfing Plane blade thickness', as well as how to tackle the Frame Saw when you want to cut it down. From there we'll look at the Polissoir and how it's used. Here's a few shots of the finished box and then we're into today's . . . To view the remaining content please...

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Episode 461 – Holding Stones

  Hey folks! While waiting to hear back from the wood mill regarding a quote and timeline for the oak I'll need to begin the set of dining room chairs, I grew tired of looking at those bright, plastic waterstone cases that came with my Shapton Pro ceramic stones. They're great sharpening stones, but those plastic cases had to go! - ; ) To that end, I decided to make a little pine box to hold the stones. The design is pretty straight forward, and as you'll see, I added some decorative elements to the bottom of the ....

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Episode 460 – The Shooting Board Part 02

  Hey folks! We're back with part two of the shooting board. Once the main bed and wedges were glued in place, it was time to install the fence. As you'll see, I decided to set the fence into a dado and will make for a much more stable/strong appliance. Once the shooting board was complete, we took it for a test drive, and from there, I'll give you a quick look at our next project! Enjoy~   . . . To view the remaining content please login or register below. Become An Unplugged Life...

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