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Episode 170 – The Drawer Divider

    Hi folks! The week is rolling along here at Rosewood Studios, and already Thursday, my group of students are well into their boxes. Its always a thrill to meet new people and see how they work their ways through their individual designs. I had supper last night with Vic Tesolin, who lives about 25 minutes from Rosewood. It's always great to catch up with old friends! ( he said to say hello-; ) For today's episode, we get into the meat and potatoes of the drawer divider. Cutting the dado and then the mortises, to the ....

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A Pochade Box in Indiana

Readers Project   I received a letter from Don in Indianapolis, Indiana USA this past week and wanted to share it with you. Don recently made a Pochade Box following plans from my book, The Unplugged Woodshop. Great job on the project Don- thanks again for sharing it with us!     Hi Tom,     My wife’s family has a Christmas tradition of exchanging names for gifts, with a price limit so no one feels like they need to spend a lot.  I drew my wife’s brother this past year and decided to make the pochade box from your book,...

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Episode 169 – Preparing the Drawer Divider

  Back again with another episode of the Group Project. In today's episode, I'll prepare, dimension and joint the stock for the drawer divider. I used the same cherry stock for the front inch and a half of the divider, and some pine to make up the back. It will only be seen when the drawers are completely removed, so I'm not at all worried about the secondary wood inside the drawer box. On another note- I'm in Perth, Ontario as I type this- Rosewood Studio, 6 day course... today ( Monday ) was a great first day ....

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Common Sense or Common Practice?

MONDAY MUNDANE   We know we need to practice sawing to a line in order to execute great dovetails… but often times we simply don’t practice. We know that in order to perfectly smooth difficult grain we need a razor sharp plane iron- but we don’t ever sharpen enough. It’s common sense right? We know what to do- the problem is, we don’t do it. Why is that? Common sense or common practice? Common sense is easy- common practice is hard! Maybe that’s the answer- Thinking about great things is easy… doing great things is hard.   We know...

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Episode 168 – Nicholson Vice in Real Time

  Hi folks! Today we're switching things up a little, and showing you ( in real time ) how we installed our new Nicholson style bench vices. Hopefully, you've already watched our newest You Tube video that showed the condensed view of the installation, but we thought it would be beneficial to see a behind the scenes view of the process. It was a great day installing vices and we're happy with how they turned out. If you're . . . To view the remaining content please login or register below. Become An Unplugged Life...

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