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I’ve been using a Beebe carving knife to mark out my dovetails quite successfully for the past few years now. The knives are hand made by Canadian knife maker Paul Beebe and sold through Lee Valley Tools.

I’ve seen and read enough articles and information on marking knives, their uses, the pros and cons of each and what to look for when purchasing one. The one pictured here is sold as a ‘carving knife’ but I’ve been using it to mark out my dovetails. They have a nice narrow blade making it quite easy to reach in between the narrowest of tail. They have an extremely comfortable 5 1/2″ Pau Ferro hardwood handle that’s contoured for a good ‘in-hand’ feel while working. The hand forged blades come polished and perfectly sharpened which is also nice, I may need to touch up mine once a year at best! Lee Valley sells a few different varieties of Beebe knives but the model I prefer for marking dovetails is the #8. I own four different styles of Beebe knives and find this one best suited for dovetail marking. It retails for about 35.00 Canadian; a sweet price for a knife that will last you a lifetime.

You can find out more information at www.leevalleytools.com