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The more I do woodworking the more I realize I’ve developed a kind of compulsive obsession to count…I mean I count almost everything!

Maybe it started at a young age first learning to play music? Of course you have to count. Count in a tune, count how many measures etc… But here I am, 40 years old and I find it occurs with almost every aspect of my wood working. For instance when I sharpen an iron or blade I count each stroke so I don’t put the cutting edge out of square.

When I’m boring a hole using a brace and bit I never use a depth stop so instead I count. I count the turns for the first hole and then I know how many revolutions I need to make the rest the same depth. I catch myself counting when I’m hand planing-especially smoothing. Two passes on this side, two more on that. Even sawing I find myself counting. I think I may need a therapist!

Do you count while you work?

or is it just me~; )

I wonder…