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Crunch Time

Well it’s Friday, the 26th of October and my deadline is Tuesday the 30th~ what does that mean? Crunch time!

This past year has been quite a trip. I signed my publishing deal with The Taunton Press last November and here we are, already a year later. It really doesn’t seem like a year has past until I look around my wood shop and see all of the new projects and the shop made tools and then I realize that yeah, it’s been a busy 12 months.

As the last few coats of oil dry and the camera spies those final images, I’m really starting to feel the weight lifting. Not that there was any worry or stress involved but working on a project of this magnitude for 12 months is a pretty fair commitment. Some days I felt that maybe I should be committed!

I don’t have an exact date of when the new book will be released and I know many of you are waiting and wondering. Over the last few months I’ve received dozens of inquiries, asking me when and where.Believe me, as soon as I know then you’ll know- I promise!

The website will be getting a bit of a ‘facelift’ in the next little while and I have some other good news to share so stay tuned…good things are on the way!



  1. Posted by Steve B on Oct 26th, 2012

    Hi Tom,
    All the best for what is I’m sure, the most crucial stage, the 11th hour, When you’re thinking have I done this right, should I have changed that, If I could have just tweaked…,
    …then it hits you, that instinctive reaction that says, Nope, this is done!

    Thanks for the inspiration!


  2. Posted by tom on Oct 26th, 2012

    Thanks for the comment Steve-; )

  3. Posted by Jim on Oct 27th, 2012

    An old saying does apply here: 90% done and 90% to go. Best wishes on your completion and looking forward to the book.

  4. Posted by tom on Oct 27th, 2012

    Thanks Jim-
    I don’t know if I needed to hear that or not!

    wish me luck!!

  5. Posted by stephen melhuish on Oct 27th, 2012

    intriguing pic indeed, is it an automobile, is it a train….or is it a plane?

    All great things are worth waiting for,

    The seconds go by the minutes tick and each project, each mark in grain and curled shaving is a record of your love for this wonderful work in wood…woodworking, what a great way to record time and harness it forever in these projects.

    Good luck with all of it Tom…all that hard work will pay off.
    Steve Melhuish

  6. Posted by Rick Lucier on Nov 8th, 2012

    Im new to your bog but already I’m looking forward to your book, I’m retired and still do not have enough time to get into the shop as much as I want to. I imagine it will be 6 – 9 months before the book is published.


  7. Posted by tom on Nov 8th, 2012

    Hey Rick,
    thanks for the comment. I don’t have an exact date but I imagine around April it should be ready to go-

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