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Just a bit of house keeping I wanted to take care of…

especially for readers who never journey past the first page

a little bit of Spring cleaning perhaps?

tuesday, march twenty three

First off is in the Readers Gallery

We have a new project from Chris Paluch in Chicago.

Chris built a version of  ‘Skinny Legs and all….’ the small side table, project 3 from my book and was kind enough to share a couple of shots. Click on through to have a look…

Nice job on the table Chris and thanks again for sharing these photos !

Second item on the agenda-

over in the book pages, the  ‘ain’t no feathers around here boys…’ wall cabinet has a new reader question and I wanted to point it out in case anyone else building or considering  this cabinet thought the same thing as this reader did.  I also suggested a new ‘spin’ on this particular design so you may be interested in reading about that as well.

Third item is a new comment posted by one of my students here in Toronto- you can find out what he had to say by following the Classes link in the top navigation bar…

Speaking of navigation bars and classes, some readers running older versions of Internet Explorer were having a problem seeing the navigation bar at the top of the screen-if you don’t see the horizontal bar across the top of the screen then try updating. And speaking of spring classes- weekends are quickly filling in so if you’re interested in a half day workshop before the summer break then you should contact me asap to reserve your time slot.


Lastly on this, the Tuesday house keeping  torrent, I wanted to mention book shipments and the art of selling books online…a few readers (2) recently took the time to contact me pointing out that my book is available elsewhere for cheaper and another asked me why my shipping times take longer than most online retail outlets.



where should I begin?

For those who are new to my work and this my wood working ‘blog’ (as fancy and flashy as it may appear)  The Unplugged Woodshop is not a large corporate book store somewhere with shippers and receivers running around frantically filling orders and punching time clocks- there is no secretary or web masters here dealing with online content- there is no editor checking over my work- there is no mail room or sandwich vending machines in the lobby- there is no lobby.

No indeed, it’s just me-

a stay at home Dad  who designs and builds custom furniture when time permits and happens to enjoy writing about it on occasion.  (usually daily)

Without getting too far into this- I  mail out book shipments once a week and  simply don’t have the time to go to the post office every day so I appreciate your patience with shipping times and costs.

I buy the books, sign ’em and then re-package them and mail them via Canada Post. (couriers cost more…believe me)

We don’t have Media Mail here in Canada so I can’t afford to send it for $5.00 like you have down there South of the border-

So orders placed through the week are generally mailed on the following Friday and have been taking 2 to 6 weeks for Canadian and US orders with one international reader waiting 15 weeks for his copy- !

Hey- I’m just the messenger- the choice is the system ….!

So once I pay Canada Post its out of my hands- I insure every package and can honestly say that I haven’t lost one yet out of 300 + shipments…anyhow, if you’d like to buy a book here through the paypal button over there in the side bar you have to pay me for shipping in a separate paypal transaction– it’s $14.00 within Canada, $23.00 for US and $25.00 for International- that’s all on that….

and finally, speaking of selling books-

I appreciate all of the support from readers all over the world and should end on a high note- some great thanks from me to you- the readers all over the planet who send me letters, letting me know how this book has changed the way you work with wood and the stories and snap shots from the places you live and work with wood- I love hearing from you so please keep it coming. This morning alone brought a letter from South Africa, one from California and another from the UK.

tuesday out...