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Popular Woodworking Books

Top 10 Woodworking Books Sold in 2010

As we’re wrapping up 2010, any good company takes a look at what products sold well during the year. We’re doing the same, and it’s an interesting mix of the ten top-selling books of the last year. The list tells us what our readers are interested in, and what it may tell you is what books you may be just as interested in reading. Starting from #10, the list is as follows:


#1 – Made By Hand
And our number one title is a book all about building furniture without power tools. Dedicated to the woodworker who has decided to build with traditional hand tools, this title shows how to use the tools, and how to build contemporary furniture with traditional tools.

– David Thiel

Sourced From: Popular Woodworking – Top Ten 2010 Woodworking Books:

The definitive book of how to build woodworking projects using hand tools.
“While there are a number of books on hand tools for woodworkers that provide information about hand tools and their individual uses, no one has put these tools to use on a project. In that regard, this book is unique and will fit in perfectly with the rapidly expanding category of hand-tool woodworking. The six projects and companion DVD offer excellent views of the hand tools in use, and the critical body positioning necessary.”
— Popular Woodworking

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