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“It’s the little touches that make the legend”

Philip Marcou lives and works in Waihi, New Zealand; a gold mining town about 140 kms from Auckland on the east side of the North Island.

Philip manufacturer’s his planes to order and are one of the finest and most robust hand planes manufactured anywhere on the planet.


J20A Bevel Up Jack

A heavy duty plane fit for any furniture making task under the sun. The sheer mass and robust construction allow it to be used at much higher cutting angles than the standard 45°.

Chamfering Plane

Based on a traditional Japanese model, precise chamfers can be made easily and repeatedly with this tool.

The plane body is Afzelia, with stainless steel/brass hardware. The iron is 59-60 HRC hardened 01 tool steel, and the center section of the plane body can slide laterally to allow the full width of the blade to be used before resharpening.

Philip Marcou

Bevel Up Jack (J20A)

$5,460 CDN

  • Weight 11 lbs 2 oz, 5 kg
  • Length 14.96 inches, 380 mm
  • Blade Steel Type O1 will also accept Veritas blades, 25° Primary, 30° Primary

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Chamfering Plane

$199 CDN

  • Blade thickness 3 mm (~1/8″)
  • Blade width 18.5 mm (~47/64″)
  • Overall length 110 mm (~4 21/64″)

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