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Busy days around the woodshop these past few weeks. Funny, since I posted the little video of my daughter making her wand a few weeks ago I’ve exclusively had female students! Coincidence?

Two weeks ago it was a Mother and Daughter who were interested in learning the basics as they’d like to start making cabinets and this past weekend two sisters. They’ve been here before and this time we covered four or five different types of joinery. They have a house in Italy and are planning on doing some renovations in the coming years. What better way than to hone their hand tool skills and tackle their own renovations when they get there. Liberating indeed!

As far as classes go I’m trying to wind down for the summer months. I have a few booked for May but am taking the month of June to finish off some book projects and get ready for the summer out East. I’m working on the third furniture project in my book after completing five ‘woodshop’ projects. I can’t wait to share all of the new projects and designs but I suppose December will come soon enough.

May 1st already- time is flying by and I’d better get back to the bench.