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Bad Axe Tool Works– what more can I say? Simply put I find them to be the finest hand saws on the market today.

New 12" and 14" backsaws coming soon.

I own an 18″ rip saw and a 16″ cross cut that you know if you’re a regular here I use on a daily basis. I think they’re incredible tools with the highest craftsman ship available but can understand why some beginners may have shyed away from them. Lets face it- these are big saws! For anyone looking for a smaller scale back saw or for someone who couldn’t imagine working with the larger scale saws presently being manufactured, Bad Axe is offering both a 12 and 14″ saw due out in late March.Buyers can watch for optional fasteners, with standard filings for the 14” saw at 11-12 tpi rip and 12-13 tpi x-cut. The 12” saw’s standard filing will be 12-13 tpi rip and 13-14 tpi x-cut. If these specs don’t suite your work then Mark will happily custom file per customers request. Other Bad Axe news can be found on the new Bad Axe FaceBook page.