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New Offerings from Bad Axe

Bad Axe Tool Works– what more can I say? Simply put I find them to be the finest hand saws on the market today.

New 12" and 14" backsaws coming soon.

I own an 18″ rip saw and a 16″ cross cut that you know if you’re a regular here I use on a daily basis. I think they’re incredible tools with the highest craftsman ship available but can understand why some beginners may have shyed away from them. Lets face it- these are big saws! For anyone looking for a smaller scale back saw or for someone who couldn’t imagine working with the larger scale saws presently being manufactured, Bad Axe is offering both a 12 and 14″ saw due out in late March.Buyers can watch for optional fasteners, with standard filings for the 14” saw at 11-12 tpi rip and 12-13 tpi x-cut. The 12” saw’s standard filing will be 12-13 tpi rip and 13-14 tpi x-cut. If these specs don’t suite your work then Mark will happily custom file per customers request. Other Bad Axe news can be found on the new Bad Axe FaceBook page.


  1. Posted by Fred West on Jan 22nd, 2010

    Tom, I have not had the benefit of trying the bad axe saws. However, I two saws from Adria and two from Lie-Nielsen. In addition I have tried the saws from Grammercy and Wentzloff both of whom make magnificent saws but I have never seen any saws that come close to those made by Andrew Lunn of Eccentric Toolworks. I was able to try them out at the WIA show in Valley Forge last October and ordered both a dovetail and a carcass saw. Andrew’s saws are truly extraordinary. Have you tried them and do you still contend that the Bad Axe saws are better? I am really interested in your answer. Thank you, Fred

  2. Posted by Tom Fidgen on Jan 22nd, 2010

    Hi Fred,

    I haven’t had the pleasure of trying the Eccentric Toolworks hand saws- I too have heard very good things about them and one of these years when I finally make it to one of the WIA conference I hope to try them as well as other manufacturers out there.
    Thanks for the comments and enjoy the new saws-

  3. Posted by Fred West on Jan 22nd, 2010


    I fear that you may actually have to borrow one of Andrew’s saws as he is no longer taking orders as his wait list is now 18 months out. He is going to have to raise his prices considerably just to breathe after his wait list is finished. I have ordered a bench hook from Bad Axe and have sent an email asking as to whether or not he is going to make any panel saws.

    Thank you for your reply and I cannot stress more strongly that you see if you can find one of Andrew’s saws to try out. His wait list is the way it is for a reason. By the way, I have no affiliation whatsoever with Andrew or his company.


  4. Posted by Fred West on Jan 22nd, 2010

    Tom, I could not agree with you more and I truly believe that we are living in one of a few “golden ages” of hand tool making. In that vein, if you get the chance, I would also highly suggest you try Philip Marcou’s hand planes. Philip is located in New Zealand and I am the proud owner of four of his planes with more coming. I apologize if this is a breach of etiquette but if you go to talkFestool and enter Marcou Planes and then Marcou Progression Series we have approx. 350 images and Philip’s narrative of him building a couple of his planes from the very beginning to the end. Again, when I say “we” I am a founder of talkFestool but we are just a small forum and we are quite far from formal. :o) I hope that you will checkout Philip’s series as it is really amazing.


  5. Posted by Tom Fidgen on Jan 22nd, 2010

    Thanks for the link Fred,
    I’ll have a look!

  6. Posted by Tom Fidgen on Jan 22nd, 2010


    that’s both good- and bad news I suppose. I think Mike Wentzloff ran into the same problem a few years ago and just got backed up in orders.
    No rest for the wicked eh?
    Like you said, it shows the quality of a product when you have to wait a year for it. It’s nice to know so many private hand tool manufacturers are being supported and achieving this success.
    ‘Vive le renaissance!’
    I should also say that although I support and recommend Bad Axe saws completely- I don’t have any affiliation either. (other than I’m a real fan and Mark Harrell is a great guy!)
    thanks again.

  7. Posted by Rob Crowson on Feb 12th, 2010

    Why did you choose the 18″ rip and 16″ x cut?
    Did TPI affect the decision?
    I ask because I have a set of 12″ Adria backsaws and when I am x cutting boards 6 + inches I’m thinking that the longer the x cut saw the better, whereas it seems that blade length for ripping wouldn’t be the same issue.

  8. Posted by Tom Fidgen on Feb 13th, 2010

    good question…
    here’s an honest answer-
    the tpi was suggested by Mark at Bad Axe after a year or so of discussion and the sizes were simply ‘go big’ !
    I already had a really nice ‘nest’ of back saws when Mark started manufacturing the Bad Axe line, so I decided to take advantage of the 18″ saw plate he was offering. At the time I was building a solid Oak door and was dealing with 8″ wide hardwood stiles…lots of long tenon rip cuts to make…it was then I figured better to have one really long rip saw and the 16″ was the other size he offered and I knew I wanted to have one of each!
    In hind sight I probably would have went with two 16″ ‘s-
    The 18″ is only used with very large stock…

    Hope that helps-
    you should check out the Bad Axe web site (link at the bottom of the page) for more information-
    and send Mark a letter telling him the kind of work you’re doing- he’ll be happy to help you out!

  9. Posted by Bill on Feb 15th, 2010


    i spent the same amount of time with Mike Wenzlof trying to decide on a larger rip and xcut backsaw. After emailing him and Chris Schwarz a couple of times and describing cutting 10-12″ shoulders they recommended a 19 rip and 16 xcut. I waited a year and I don’t regret it either. Both of Mikes saws perform flawlessly. I couldn’t ask formore

  10. Posted by Bill on Feb 15th, 2010


    Forgot to tell you in the last post. Love your Book.


  11. Posted by Tom Fidgen on Feb 16th, 2010

    Thanks for the comments Bill-
    I hear only good things about the Wenzlof saws-

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