Project Skill: Hand Planning

Hand Tool Bootcamp

Winter 2018 Schedule Mar.3 Wooden Plane Bootcamp Mar.5 A Dovetailed Drawer Mar.10 Joinery Bootcamp Mar.24 6-Sided Box Bootcamp Spring 2018 Schedule Apr.3 Artisan Program Apr.7 Intro To Hand Tools Apr.9 Wooden Hand Plane Week Apr.14 Cutting Board Bootcamp Apr.16 Workshop Appliances Apr.16 Intro To Hand Tools (Evening) Apr.21 Joinery Bootcamp May.5 Intro To Hand Tools May.7 Kerfing Plane & Frame Saw May.12 Dovetail Bootcamp May.19 Hand Tool Bootcamp May.28 A Dovetailed Drawer Jun.2 Intro To Hand...

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