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“My simple message is that if you’re going to approach woodworking with sensitivity and maybe refinement, planes are a good way to begin.” – James Krenov

Round Bottom Plane


Hey folks!

Just thought we’d let you know about our latest YouTube video, A Round Bottom Plane.

Justin and I shot this in the last week of June, before my annual migration to the East Coast of Canada for the summer break.

The video highlights one of the weeks in our Artisan Program, a full time, 10-Week course you can read about here.

“The response you get from a wood plane is altogether different from when you are working with metal hand planes. The tactile feeling absorbed through the sole of a perfectly flattened and polished wooden hand tool you made yourself is a satisfying and liberating experience. Simply put, wood on wood just feels good!” – from the book, The Unplugged Woodshop Furniture Projects for the Home & Workshop.