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The Sawyer's Bench

The Sawyer’s Bench


Whenever I speak to new wood workers, one of the reoccurring discussions we have is the time and energy they need to spend on dimensioning lumber down into manageable parts before they can start a new project. To that end, we decided to help the process out a little and are now offering pre-dimensioned kits for the Sawyer’s Bench.

We had a local mill pre-dimension the cut list, so all you’ll have to do is cut the joinery and give the parts a once over with a smoothing plane! All of the hard work is done and you’ll be sawing in no time.

The parts are all left a little long so you’ll have a bit of room to play with- the widths and thickness’ on the other hand are ready for the final smoothing.

We’ll email you a PDF of the Sawyer’s Bench Chapter from my book, The Unplugged Woodshop. In it, you’ll find easy to follow instructions, illustrations and photographs, guiding you through the joinery on this fine bench.


THE FIRST STEP we take in any wood- working project regardless of the design or construction style is rough dimensioning material, and there is nowhere better suited for carrying out this task than on a dedicated saw bench.

Working wood with hand tools demands we invest a fair amount of time pushing and pulling a handsaw, so I think we owe it to ourselves to take a closer look at our sawing setup and make this affair as enjoyable and efficient as possible. The hours spent breaking down furniture components and assembling our cut lists will be much more satisfying.

Available in local hardwoods.

ASH: $145.

MAPLE: $145.

WALNUT: $170.


Taxes and shipping are extra.

Contact us for details and/or shipping information.

Saw Bench Kits all ready to go.

Saw Bench Kits all ready to go.