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I received a letter from Dan in Conroe, Texas ( just outside The Woodlands) about 30 miles north of Houston.

He recently completed his version of my Skinny Legs and all, side table.

Dan used cherry for the table with walnut drawer fronts and custom ebony pulls. (a nice touch!)

I’m always excited to see readers projects and this is one I’m happy to share.

Thanks again Dan- great job!

Skinny Leg Table Carved ebony pulls ; ebony dowel plugs.


Skinny Legs table Walnut drawer fronts; cherry sides; drawer fronts end in half tail (ala Chris Schwarz) to maximize drawer depth.


Skinny Legs table 3/8" cherry frame with 1/4" walnut panel in 1/8" groove; top and bottom rabbet inside frame rails to fit flush with back