UW Sawyer’s Bench

Pre-dimensioned and ready for joinery and final smoothing.

About the Saw Bench Kits

UW Saw Bench Kits are made to order by our lumber supplier. When you place an order, your kit will be prepared with the material of your choice. Each part is milled to dimension which only requires final smoothing. The approximate delivery time frame is 2 weeks from receipt of payment. UW Saw Bench Kits are shipped directly from our lumber supplier to your shipping address. 

Please Note: You will not be charged for making an order request below. This is simply a notification to us that you would like a bench kit. We will confirm your request via email or phone.

With the purchase of a UW Saw Bench Kit, we will also send a detailed PDF excerpt from ‘The Unplugged Woodshop’ Book.

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Ash | $145

Ash Saw Bench

Walnut | $170

Walnut Saw Bench

Maple | $145

Maple Saw Bench

Bird’s Eye Maple | $185

Bird's Eye Maple Saw Bench