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The Unplugged Woodshop.com is finally a reality. After blogging my way through the last three years on Working Wood, (www.tomfidgen.blogspot.com) I’m extremely pleased to welcome you to my new web site and sincerely hope you enjoy it. First off I’d like to thank Luis Martins (aka The Dovetail Kid) for spending countless hours putting this new space together for me. It was actually by coincidence that Luis and I met through wood working blogs and after a few brief contacts he offered to help out with the new site construction. I personally think he did an outstanding job and would never have been able to have done it without him. Thanks again Luis!!!

So the first thing I’d like to mention about the new site are the dedicated areas for all six of the book projects. If you mouse over the Made by Hand button on the top bar you’ll see each project title. Once you click through to a new page you’ll find FREE downloadable SketchUp models and a detailed bench plans that you can print out and keep with you at bench side while you build. With expanded galleries (The Cutting Room Floor) and afterthoughts of the projects that never made it into the pages of the book due to space limitations. You can also send me photographs of your own versions of these designs and I’ll post them in the Readers Gallery section. I encourage readers to do this and post comments and questions there as well. This will give others the opportunity to see some variations on the designs and possibly answer some of the questions or concerns that may arise while working through the pieces at home. The more feedback we get here, the more success readers will have when building so I hope everyone puts in their two cents!

You’ll notice the Classes button up there as well. I’m excited to say that I’m now offering private  classes here at the Unplugged Woodshop- from one or two hour week night meetings to half day, weekend workshops- learning the tricks and techniques of the trade in a ‘real working’ wood shop could never be easier. If it’s half blind dovetails or mortise and tenon joinery, hand planing basic or sharpening routines, I’m completely open to any and all wood working related topics. That’s the beauty of a private class, they can be geared towards what ever it is you’d like to learn!

I would also like to make note of the top right hand corner of the page- you’ll see the subscribe by email or RSS buttons. If you’d like to receive all of my posts as they’re published then simply click there. That way you won’t miss any and you’ll have them delivered directly to your email.

Besides all of this we’re still developing the Gallery page where I’ll showcase more of my own work and give some feedback and details on each one. All of my past blogs from Working Wood are available as well;  in the side bar collumn under Tales and Techniques you’ll find sub categories with a much easier and more organised navigation menu. Themes and categories have been developed so if its information on hand planes you’re after, then follow the links… Lots of hand tool information and general wood working related topics so browse around the new web site- I think you’ll find it easy to find your way through and you never know- you may just learn something new!

There are still a few more elements we’re working on so be sure to come back again soon- Thanks again for visiting.