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Hand Saws
A Better Sawbench

June 22, 2010

This week I began designing and building a ‘new and improved’ saw bench. As you know, I build furniture using ‘only hand tools’  and hand saws and sawing are a very large part of the routine here in the wood shop. I built a saw bench a few years ago following a set of plans from Woodworking Magazine and it has served me pretty well since. Through the years and the hundreds of board feet of hardwood I’ve turned into saw dust,  I found a couple of issues in that design that I felt could be improved on so this week is finally the time to start work on a new one.

I have a couple of planks of Ash that I’m using and will keep you posted as I go. I don’t have any deadlines for the bench but will work away at it over the next week or two. I’m also planning two new ‘boxes’ to transport tools out East with me in early July. One for my sharpening stones and the other a saw till. Each and every summer when I travel to the coast, 90% of my hand tools make the journey with me -safely stored between my large ‘widow maker’ tool chest and my cabinetmakers tool chest. These two boxes will hold all the tools I’ll need over the summer but I’ve always had to pack my sharpening gear and hand saws into cardboard boxes.This year I’m going to do something about that. Nothing too fancy but just some off cuts from the winter projects I’ll use up. Speaking of winter projects, the wardrobe was delivered last week and I’ll post some finished shots as soon as I can. Stay tuned-

From Scrub plane to Jack I dimension the rough Ash for a new saw bench.

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