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A Card Catalogue
A Card Catalogue – Part Five

September 4, 2014

It’s been a busy few days here in Toronto.

Unpacking the house and getting the kids back into the swing of another school year.

I’ve been working on some content for the new Member site as well as getting things together for WOODWORKS 2014.

Lots to do with little time to do it in!

Today, I wanted to share part five of the Card Catalogue series with you.

Drawer dividers dry fit.

In part four, the rear stretchers and drawer runners were made;

in this clip, the drawer dividers take shape.

I mentioned this already but it’s worth saying again-

[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]Projects like this have lots of parts and joinery, with lots of potential for head scratching![/inlinetweet]  ( Tweet that )

Proper labels and careful planing is critical.

Take your time to insure the parts are correctly sized, and try lumping some of the techniques and operations together.

You may notice the interior poplar drawer dividers are full height inside the carcase.

I made these in the late Spring/early Summer so I didn’t worry too much about wood movement.

If on the other hand this was built during the winter months,

I would have left a small gap at the top of the drawer dividers to allow the solid wood to expand a little.

There’s always a give and take when guesstimating how much or how little the wood is going to move.

Here, inside a cabinet carcase, you want to make sure the parts are sound.

The walnut fronts of the drawer dividers are all kept in order so the grain runs continuously from top to bottom.

Again, if you take the time to lay-out grain direction,

and you keep things in order so the grain runs from one divider to the next-

make sure to clearly label the parts!

In the next video, we’ll get into the stopped rabbets on the cabinet back.

Until then, enjoy part five of the Card Catalogue.


The song in this video is called ‘weather vanes‘ and was written with my good friend Scott Brown.

I recorded it on my album ‘a boy called fish‘ which is available for purchase here on CD, or here on iTunes.

Some of the tools used in the video are:

Striking Knife

Precision Double Square

Router Plane

Detail Chisels

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