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A Card Catalogue
A Card Catalogue – Part One

August 6, 2014

“Made by hand, the craft object bears the fingerprints, real or metaphorical, of the person who fashioned it. These fingerprints are a sign, an almost invisible scar.”   

                                  -Octavio Paz

So, here we are, the final project from the final chapter of The Unplugged Woodshop.

What an amazing year it has been.

Almost 50 videos posted on my YouTube Channel all dedicated to the work from this book.

That’s a lot of content and a lot of views ! ( closing in on a million ~; )

I’m happy to say we’re in the neighborhood of 12500 Subscribers on the YouTube channel,

( so if you haven’t already- please hit the SUBSCRIBE  button over there in the right margin )

A Card Catalogue

A Card Catalogue

Now onto the project.

A Card catalogue- this one starts with a box and  an internal frame is added.

Drawers, veneers, moldings and a lower stand, there’s a decent amount of hand tool and joinery work in this project.

It also teaches some fundamental techniques you’ll find in so many other projects, regardless what the final aesthetic may be.

In this video, I prepare some 3/4-in. walnut for the carcase panels.

I had a plank sitting in my shop for years and finally decided this would be the one.

The walnut was jointed, glued, ripped, flattened and cross cut.

Nothing fancy, just the basic steps whenever you start to assemble a cut list.

A Little History

I’ll fill you in on the back story of why indeed a card catalogue  ( catalog for my friends South of the border )

but I’ll wait until another post for that one.

I’m still on the East Coast, with only three weeks left of summer ‘vacation’.

Remember, I’ll be at the Halifax Lee Valley Store this Friday and Saturday, ( Aug. 8th & 9th )

teaching some classes about hand tools, joinery, and life in general at the Unplugged Woodshop!

If you’re in the area, please come by and say hello.

Until next time, enjoy part one of the Card Catalogue~


The music in this video is a little different than most of my other work.

It’s a song called ‘ever and never‘ and was recorded for my Beyond Before album.

This arrangement was put together with two friends, Ed Woodsworth and Jamie Foulds.

We had a blast creating the loops and sampling some old NASA samples.

I think it worked great for this video.

Some of the tools used in this video are:

Bevel-Up Jointer Plane

Cabinet Scraper

Card Scraper

Precision Double Square

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