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Finish and Hardware

Here we are, the final part of the last project from The Unplugged Woodshop book.

A card catalogue.

Such an iconic piece of furniture, as useful as it is beautiful.

From my earliest memories, visiting my Mothers library when I was a child;

my first Library card- a right of passage to all of the adventure, knowledge and mystery a young mind could imagine.





In this final episode, a shellac finish is applied.

The walnut used in this piece came from three different sources;

I decided to use a Garnet shellac to bring the shades of the different walnut sources closer together.

Aesthetically it works and the walnut tones are blended.

This isn’t my favorite way to finish walnut, but for this application it worked.

I used traditional card catalogue drawer pulls and attached the moldings to finish.


You’ll find detailed plans for this and other hand crafted projects in my book, The Unplugged Woodshop.

If you’d like to keep following along with me through video posts and projects like this one,

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But for today-

enjoy the final part of the Card Catalogue.

Thanks for watching!



Some of the tools used in this video are:

Lee Valley Scratch Awl

Brad Point Bits

Wooden Clamps