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I received a letter from Shane in Winnipeg the other day and wanted to share it with you. Shane recently made a Funeral Chair and Frame Saw following the plans in my book, The Unplugged Woodshop. I think he did an amazing job on both of them.
Thanks for sharing these with us Shane!
all the best~


A Funeral Chair in Winnipeg

A Funeral Chair in Winnipeg


Hi Tom, 

I was in contact with you on twitter this weekend about my funeral chair and here is a few pics and info. I have  also built a frame saw as well. You have previously shown my kerfing plane on you site in the past. Sorry about the images, there is a bit of dirt under my lens on my phone showing up as black marks. 
Here is a funeral chair that I have made with walnut for the frame and quarter sawn white oak for the slats in the seat. I found it to be a fun project that was more challenging the I had expected. You really need to get the bridal joints cut well or you’ll notice it. It is finished with Tried and True Varnish Oil and rubbed with ultra fine steel wool. The walnut was left over materials from the frame saw I built. 
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I built this frame saw a while back using walnut finished with Tried and True Varnish Oil, then rubbed with steel wool and waxed. The metal is finished  with homemade asphaltum paint that I make using methods described here  for restoring tools. It makes a nice finish and looks great with the walnut. The saw preforms quite nicely. I find it useful in many ripping situations where it sure saves a lot of time. 
I have a few more projects I plan to build from your books wish you the best in your endeavours.
A Frame Saw in Winnipeg

A Frame Saw in Winnipeg