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A Funeral Chair in Toronto

June 13, 2018


A Funeral Chair

I received a letter from Bruce ( on Instagram: the52sqftwoodshop ) last week and wanted to share it with you.

Bruce recently finished his Funeral Chair build, following plans from my book The Unplugged Woodshop.

The chair turned out great Bruce! Thanks for sharing these photos with us~

I got it finished! It took a few weeks of work in the evenings and it looks great. For my 40th I was given a 1×6 6’ tall piece of red oak so I wanted to do it justice and make something that would last. It took the oil really nicely and the grain looks great. I got about half way through the build before I realized that your design used true 1” thick boards. There were a couple of on the fly revisions but in the end it is quite strong. 

I did almost everything with hand tools but the slots in the front and back of the seat for the cross pieces. I had to use a router for that because I haven’t found my $20 Stanley #45 garage sale find yet. 

Great design thanks for putting it in your book.
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