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A Kerfing Plane in Germany

August 21, 2015

Here’s a letter I received back in July, and finally found the time to share it-

“these so called vacations will soon be my death…”

Thanks for the letter Stefan, the kerfing plane looks great;

I’ll look forward to seeing the next one!

all the best and thanks again for sharing this with us~

A Kerfing Plane in Germany

Hi Tom,
I would like to report you about my Kerfing Plane build.
A while ago I’ve read about that tool in your book and on your Blog.
I’ve seen the videos at “an unplugged life” too and it was clear to me that the tool will be helpful for resawing.
But I was still unsure if I can build one and so I decided to do a prototype.
The goals were to get the material and hardware easily and somehow cheap.
All that said, here is my result.
I’ve written about it in my Blog. You can read about the complete build here and here.
Maybe you will find that interesting.
This fixed fence version I have used for cutting wooden strips (about 4mm thick) which I needed for one of my projects.
And I have to say it is working well. I’m convinced now and I’m sure that I will build a nicer one (maybe this winter).
Hope you have got a great time at Cape Breton.
Talk soon,

If you’ve built a project from one of my books, I’d love to hear about it and share it with our fellow readers!  
Feel free to email me your pics and some words about the journey…
Make everyday a masterpiece!
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