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Readers Project

I received a letter from António last week and wanted to share it with you. António recently made a bridle kerfing plane for himself using reclaimed and recycled items. I think he did a great job!

Thanks for sharing this with us António, and I hope you get some good use out of your new plane.

all the best~

A Kerfing Plane in Portugal

A Kerfing Plane in Portugal


Hi Tom!

I was very far to imagine you will put my last e-mail on your blog:
a Sawyer’s Bench in Portugal.

When I showed to my wife she even mock me a bit because I didn’t clean
up to take the pictures. : )

After that, more ideas came to life.
One of them was this version of your” Kerfing Plane”  finished
yesterday. It took me almost a week at 1 or 2 hours a day.

Once again I worked with what I had. There’s the recipe:
-1 leg from the previous saw bench for the plane body
-1 old plastic handle hard point saw
-sapelly left overs for the fence
-4 head screws – 40 cents
-1 wing nut – 10 cents
-1 threaded rod from the junk box
-add some brad point bit,rasps, files, copying saw at will
-a pinch of glue and swet
-and for seasoning Linseed Oil from the kitchen

Only missing the “frame saw” to complete the trilogy – ; )

I was so focus on making a good fit to my hand that I changed the the
design some times. And it was only today, when I was taking the
pictures I felt “this is ugly, “#$% ugly, and far for being  an
harmonic shape”. The top looks like a “rabbit ears” to me, my
youngest step-daughter said it look like a “whale’s water spout” (I
let you to decide from the last picture).
I probably could do it again and better, more refine. Yes, it’s full
of tear out, It’s chubby but it’s very strong, feels good on the hand
and more important it works very good. Its a tool. So …. Let’s saw

This was my last project of 2015, so tonight I’ll clean up the
workshop (read the garage’s corner) and I’ll get ready for the new
2016 projects – I already have some drawings…

Once again, a big Thank You for the inspiration and have a Great New
Year for You and your family.



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