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Hand Planes
Almost Old Street Tools

February 12, 2011

I had a great class this morning with Dave from Oakville.

We chatted about design philosophy and sharpening routines, from hand planes and back to workbench design and hand saws.

We managed to make some shavings after some sharpening techniques,  a bit of sawing and again it was tool talk. A very fine class you might say. So, what could make a good class better? Dave brought along 4 of his wooden bodied Clark and Williams hand planes.  I just read/realized that they’ve recently become   Old Street Tool, Inc.

I’ve been soooo out of touch with the current state of hand tool manufacturers-what can I say..??

time flies while you’re…

So the planes that were in my shop today are Clark and Williams planes and if Old Street maintains that kind of quality and wood selection then-wow~ really, really nice… beautiful pieces of Beech wood with details you only find in quality manufacturing and real human care.True craftsmanship. I thought briefly while using the coffin smoother that if I were to start over today I’d probably use this style wooden bodied plane all the time,….nice solid wedge and a thick iron.

no chipbreakers to mess with or frogs to choke….

I own a few antique, flea-market-finds in the traditional style wooden body hand plane flock but these were really impressive. I think if asked now what I find the most challenging in this style of wooden bodied plane is that you can’t really watch what’s going on inside the throat. That’s what I really still like about metal hand planes- that ability to watch closely to see the shaving as it curls out.

Maybe I’d get used to it~

damn ! were they nice planes.

Anyhow, I thought I’d write a quick note to say all the best to the Old Street Tool, inc.  and a toast to Clark and Williams Hand planes. That was the first time I’ve ever had the chance to use one or even actually see one in person. A good day indeed.


Oh yeah, I should probably mention the four plane sizes were a coffin smoother, a Jack, a Trying Plane and a Jointer.  nice- ; )

the plane in the photo is the Old Street Tool, Inc. Smoothing Plane. and is from the Old Street Tool, Inc. website.

just sayin’….

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