Well I may have a few more grey whiskers today, but the good news is the new website is up and running-

( see for yourself right here! )

Episode one is live with episode two close on it’s way.

I’m excited to share this news and hope you’ll consider joining me at An Unplugged Life.


an unplugged life


Someone yesterday commented-


“…you’ve already given us all a humongous amount of your time over the past years….

all for free and all rarely without snags…”


I really appreciated that comment and it got me thinking about everything;

it has been years, and it has been for free and now, well…

it feels like it’s time for change.


I’ll still be sharing information here on in this blog, but the truth is,

I’ll be devoting the bulk of my time to an Unplugged Life and all of the new projects we have in store for you there.


A quick run through for the Fall and Winter season is,

  • setting up the new basement work space,
  • from painting the walls to the wood racks,
  • an assembly table, work flow and simple storage solutions.

If you remember or watched the DVD that came included with my first book,  Made by Hand,

I talked about an “….’ol maple slab that a friend found next to a dumpster-“

well I finally have the space and I finally turned it into a pretty amazing assembly table/secondary work bench.

You’ll see every detail of that project, and that’s only scratching the surface.


To say this is a how-to woodworking site would be a grave understatement.


If you liked the free PDF download with my 5 Steps for Success I shared the other day,

then you’ll love all we have in store for you at an Unplugged Life.


This week I’m getting into the Maple Leaf Forever projects and they start with inspiration, and determination.

Any creative mind will appreciate watching the process, from literally pencil and paper,

to patterns and templates,

wood selection and preparation-

on and into the joinery and checking, the sweating and re-checking!


Every step of the way.


I’ll be perfectly honest with you-

the thought of cutting into a piece of wood that our Country’s first National Anthem was inspired by,

to designing and making a handful of pieces, all destined for eternity in our Nations Capitol……!!???


That in itself may be worth the price of admission!


But outside of these very special projects,  I have one more equally special project.

It’s been a ‘secret project’ I haven’t mentioned and it’s also equally exciting and terrifying.

I’ve been asked to build a Memorial Bench for the late Jack Layton.

Jack was the leader of the NDP party here in Canada and passed away a few years ago after battling cancer.

The bench is going into a local Park here, not far from my home and I’m honored to be working on such a project.


As Members of An Unplugged Life, you’ll be with me, through every step of the process.

This is what I’m offering.

Complete transparency in the work I create.

Even if you’re just getting started in your own wood working projects,

the fundamental skills and steps will also be covered.

Everything from sharpening, to dimensioning, onto motivation and nutrition.


“Hand tools don’t start at the workbench…”


They start with the breakfast you had this morning and the amount of sleep you had last night.

They start with a fire under your arse so you’ll get into your work shop and start making shavings of your own-

instead of sitting behind a screen, day dreaming about wood working,

this new site will motivate you to grab hold of the hand plane, and put in the work.


The sweet irony is this-