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Take a deep breath and start sawing up some wood.

That sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it?

Truth is, getting started can be the hardest part of any project;

the fear of failure can be paralyzing.

If you never begin, you’ll never fail, right?


Razee-Style Jack plane on bench top.

Razee-Style Jack plane on bench top.


If you never start a project-

you’ll never finish one either.

Pick up a length of hardwood.
Study the grain and allow the pattern to dictate the overall dimension of your design.

No preconceived ideas-
no expectations.

Start with a box.
Everyone needs another box.

Sharpen the iron and wax the sole of your favorite hand plane.
Start peeling off those shavings;
watching the surface fall and then flatten.
Before too long, it’s square on six sides and you’re ready for another step in the process.

Joinery may be an aesthetic decision.
It could also be structural, subtle and sensible.

Don’t loose any sleep over it.
A door?
A drawer?
Wipe some finish on there.
Nothing too fancy, maybe just some oil and wax.

Allow the project to unfold, as it unfolds.

This afternoon, tonight or tomorrow,
do me a favor-

take a deep breath and get started.

If you never get started, you’ll never finish.

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