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Cross Cuts

June 7, 2011

so yeah, the timber… Canadian Salvaged Timber to my own back yard. two cross cuts, no big deal, what? 20 minutes work…make it 35. I wasn’t doing anything anyway. ; ) happy Bang 7 ~ peace out.

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June 6, 2011

Inner city lumberjacks? Purveyors of history using wood as their medium? Sure, that sounds about right and will suffice as an introduction for now. I’m sure I’ll be mentioning them more often now that I finally found them and stopped in ! If you frequent the King st. West, Lee Valley Tools store here in […]

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May 30, 2011

NEW FROM LEE VALLEY TOOLS Do you keep a 6″ inch metal rule close at hand while in the wood shop? I do, every minute. There’s one in my tool tray, one in my apron pocket, another one over on the sharpening bench for the Charlesworth ‘Ruler Trick’.  Point is I have more than one […]

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In Stages

May 19, 2011


I was wondering what sharpening kit you use? I have the shapton glass-ceramic stones and although I love them I have gone through two of the 1000 grit stones in the last few years. Do you use or know anyone that use the professional shaptons?

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‘Arts Weeks’ in England

May 18, 2011

Hi Tom,
I’ll be fascinated to see how all your shop changes materialise in time, new bench and tools etc, good to hear.
On my own front I’ve been making a few visits in the Cotswold hills and villages to a selection of furniture makers, one particular being Waywood Furniture…

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Sunday Sunrise

May 15, 2011

Now where did the week go again?

It began at the bench with new hand tool ideas and designs dedicated to the sole purpose of working and sawing shop veneer;

‘real veneer’ as JK wrote.

The wood shop is in desperate need of an over haul and that starts at the work bench.

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It’s in the Intonation

May 9, 2011

Most of the woodworkers I meet know how to play a musical instrument.

From string to wind and wind to wood, what ever.

Point is most woodworkers seem to naturally have or gain through repetition, a sense of rhythm while we work with hand tools, we’re musical even if we don’t actually play instruments.

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When the Bow breaks

May 5, 2011

Not so long ago I took apart my bow saw to transport it and when I reassembled it and put tension back on –
; (


always right in the middle of a project.

Well, I better fix it.
It went something like this.

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Exterior Wooden Door

May 2, 2011

This exterior wooden door, made completely by hand using locally harvested white oak was commissioned by a local client. The family live in a beautiful ‘heritage property’ here in Toronto that comes along with certain benefits and possible grants to help finance portions of projects like this one. These perks are offered to home owners […]

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wardrobe visit

April 28, 2011

so much happening around the woodshop i need to catch up in a later, longer entry but for now I finally got a shot of a piece i made in october..ish..november?? all a blurr now-the war drobe is doing well on the 5th floor of their inner city condo…

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