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VERITAS® Detail Chisels

February 14, 2008

I first purchased the set of five Detail Chisels from Lee Valley Tools a little over a year ago and can say I’ve used them on an almost daily basis ever since. My first impression when they arrived via Mail-order was the size. They’re small, extremely light and almost hobby like. Being used to chopping […]

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Kitchen Cabinets in Cherry

February 5, 2008

I was recently commissioned to build a full set of cabinets for a kitchen in an older Arts and Crafts Style Bungalow. This is a large project that I’ll document here as it develops. The first step was going to the home, discussing design elements, wood species, special requests from the clients etc..After this first […]

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Before You Reach for that …

January 29, 2008

Before you reach for that dovetail saw there are a few tools that you should think about first. These can make laying out dovetails a whole lot easier in the construction of traditional style drawers. Let’s take a look at some of them. The very first step when building drawers once you have your stock […]

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Corner Cabinet

January 22, 2008

This piece although rather plain and simple looking was a real challenge in construction. It’s made from solid Mahogany for a corner Cabinet space. The piece had to be custom fit to the space due to the corner not being 90 degrees. The doors are coopered, another challenge in cabinet construction but rewarding when properly […]

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Krenov Smoothing Plane

January 21, 2008

Originally posted on Blogger-Jan 21, 2008 …One fine day last year I was surfing around the net and came across the James Krenov  website. I had stumbled over it before and once again was admiring the pics of his work there. To my surprise I read that James no longer was building his cabinets due […]

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